Mountain Aire Veterinary Hospital has been caring for my animals since I moved to Frazier Park in 2001. They are so good that I don’t think I can ever move off this mountain. They leave no stone unturned to get your pet the best care possible. Their customer service is top-notch. I do not find them to be overpriced for the care that your pet is getting. I come from Los Angeles. The quality of care at Mountain Aire exceeds the quality of care that I have received from very pricey vet hospitals in Los Angeles. I love the communication that Dr. C. has with her customers. It’s so good that I become annoyed when I have to use an Emergency vet when they are closed. If you truly want the best care for your pet there is no better Vet hospital. I wish Dr. C. treated people. I really do. Every doctor should be as committed to their patients as Dr. C is. I completely trust her and if she says something needs to be done, you can rest assured it’s in the best interest of your pet. I’m grateful for their attention to detail. The vet techs are expertly trained and everybody there has become family to me. Thank you for bringing an excellent standard of care to this mountain!

Amy B.