Tracy Haramia

Hospital Husbandry and Kennel Care

I am the person working at Mountain Aire Veterinary Hospital that you may never see....which is why my nickname is 'The Figment'. I come in late in the day and work in to the wee hours of the morning.

I am the one who keeps everything clean, sanitary, sterilized and organized...the one who cleans up the big mess at the end of a very busy day.

My first experience with the veterinary field was with horses!

I have had a long career with horses prior to working at Mountain Aire, in fact, I was a horse jockey at Santa Anita Racetrack! There, I assisted many equine veterinarians during that time.

My passion for small animal medicine began when a beloved cat became ill with intestinal lymphoma. During those 3 yrs after initial diagnoses, we spent many hours and many visits at veterinary hospitals all over Southern California, where I learned from the doctors and technicians how to care for my cats medical needs at home, as best I we try to teach many of our clients here.

Between caring for him, and spending a lot of time watching veterinarians and technicians treating other pets as well as my own, a desire to work in the small animal veterinary field began to grow.

I wanted to be able to help other pets and pet owners like doctors and technicians had done for me. I am called out to especially help clients with cats.

Because I still train horses in the daylight hours, I don’t get to see any of you much but will make myself available to teach 'at-home' techniques.