Veterinary Care Tailored to Fit Your Pet

At Mountain Aire Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to offer the finest care possible while helping educate owners about the health of their companion and family member. We strive to help your pet with the ‘Lifelong Care’ initiative. This is a method of proactive rather than reactive medicine, and encourages you and your veterinarian to work as a team for your pet.

This method of preventive medicine works based off of establishing baselines for your pet’s health, and markers specific to their breed, then monitoring those health levels through annual or bi-annual wellness exams and treatment when necessary.


  • Look at circumstances specific to area where the pet lives, and lifestyle
  • Create a customized vaccination, parasite prevention, and healthcare plan


  • Establish baselines for your pet’s health through diagnostic testing
  • Look at breed markers & family history (if available)


  • Customize treatment programs for pet’s health circumstances
  • Establish the Vet-Pet Owner relationship and assess the care needs of both the pet and the owner

To learn more about the Lifelong Care Initiative, visit Zoetis Lifelong Care.