VPI Whole Pet with Wellness

(This is the ultimate option in coverage for anything your pet needs – with the exclusion of pre-existing conditions)

Animal Poison Control Center Mobile App

Quickly identify over 300 potential hazards for your pet, the potential severity of the problem and instructions on the crucial next steps pet owners should take

Grey Muzzle App by Laps of Love

Grey Muzzle Quality of Life Calendar App is the first app to journal your pet’s days on your iPhone/iPad or android device.

MyVetLink from Global Vet Link (Health Certificates for Travel)

Easy, instant access for to animal health documents and information, travel requirements for interstate movement and download your pet’s certificates for offline storage.

Pet First Aid from The American Red Cross

Includes basic first aid to help your pet as well as emergency preparedness information.

Resting Respiratory Rate Tracker from Your Dogs Heart

Use this app to help track and compare over time your pet’s resting respiratory rate.

How to Pack and Move Your Bird

  • Moving your bird is way different than dogs and cats. Many birds do not like their carriers, so it is important to spend plenty of time helping them to adjust before the move comes. This page also has a great section on how to help your bird adjust to a new home after the move.

Moving With Pets

  • This piece on moving with pets covers pretty much every angle – preparation, travel, adjustment to a new house, and veterinarian advice on how to make the transition smooth. This guide can be a lifesaver when it comes to travelling and moving with your pet!

Pet Resume Guide

  • This is really handy for movers with pets; it helps you lay out a pet profile or resume for when your landlord wants to know about your pet. It shows you how to include information such as if he/she is spayed, neutered, declawed, certain behaviors, breed, etc. There are surprisingly many places for rent that require something like a pet resume, and this source will help you to avoid the extra work of putting one together on your own!

Pet Sitter Locator

  • Many “Moving with Pets” guides recommend getting a pet sitter on the day of the move. This site provides a directory search by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters so you know you can find someone trustworthy.