How to Pack and Move Your Bird

  • Moving your bird is way different than dogs and cats. Many birds do not like their carriers, so it is important to spend plenty of time helping them to adjust before the move comes. This page also has a great section on how to help your bird adjust to a new home after the move.

Pet Resume Guide

  • This is really handy for movers with pets; it helps you lay out a pet profile or resume for when your landlord wants to know about your pet. It shows you how to include information such as if he/she is spayed, neutered, declawed, certain behaviors, breed, etc. There are surprisingly many places for rent that require something like a pet resume, and this source will help you to avoid the extra work of putting one together on your own!

Pet First Aid from The American Red Cross

Includes basic first aid to help your pet as well as emergency preparedness information.