Dr. Diane Cosko

Veterinarian, Lawyer, Hospital Owner and Manager

Born and raised in Southern California, I couldn’t ask for a better place to live than the Greater Frazier Mountain Area. Each day I look forward to coming into work. Veterinary medicine is my passion. I feel so very lucky to be doing what I do in such a beautiful environment.

Over time, many, many years ago, I received 3 degrees from UC Davis. A Bachelor in Science degree for Behavioral Genetics, another Bachelor in Science degree for Veterinary Science and, in 1987, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. After spending a large amount of time dealing with animal law, I finally did get a law degree and passed the California State Bar in 2010 so I can now do even more as far as different aspects of animal law are concerned.

Not yet satisfied, I earned a Master’s degree in Veterinary Forensics to bridge what I do with law and medicine from University of Florida in 2019. It’s as exciting as one would envision from all of the television programs but not so much hoopla! I have been working as a veterinarian in the Frazier Park area since 1988. Out of necessity for the community, I started Mountain Aire Veterinary Hospital in July of 1989. I have lived in Pine Mountain Club, Frazier Park and now Lebec, with my husband, Bob Leonis and always enjoy a house full of “4-legged” children.

Although my hobbies are many, my free time to enjoy them is scant. But I especially enjoy the arts (sculpture, drawing and tile-painting) and traveling (if anyone knows me, they know my favorite place to visit is Tasmania!) Unfortunately, most of my free time is spent weeding out those horrific plants called ‘Foxtails’ that can and do harm the animals.

Prior to moving up here full time in 1990, I worked in San Diego and West Los Angeles – for all of their conveniences and diversity, I would hate to have to move back – it’s just too beautiful up here. Many of my clients that I have known since the late eighties and early nineties are still bringing their pets to me today, as are their now-grown children, who are now adults and have their own children! – it makes for one very large, extended family.