Dr. Melissa Lucas

Associate Veterinarian

I fell in love with veterinary medicine in high school when I worked as a groomer for a small animal clinic. Every spare moment I helped out the veterinarian and worked my way up to veterinary assistant. After high school I was thrilled to be accepted into the pre-veterinary program at Cal Poly Pomona. During college I worked as the student assistant to the campus veterinarian and helped wrangle everything from cattle, sheep, and pigs to horses, cats, dogs, and exotics. I graduated from Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. After completing a residency in Comparative Medicine at UCLA I spent three years as a veterinarian for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2012 I transitioned into private practice where I worked as a general practitioner for many years. My professional interests include end of life care, hospice, and management of chronic conditions such as kidney disease, osteoarthritis, and maintaining mobility in senior pets. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, horseback riding, and spending time with my husband, two young daughters, two Standard Poodles, and three horses.