There’s still a few months left before our slithery neighbors disappear for the winter. MAVH offers the Rattlesnake Vaccine for dogs actively out and about in snake territory. There is also a Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic arranged by Shelter on the Hill which teaches dogs to avoid instead of investigate snakes. More information may be obtained on the Rattlesnake page listed on the left navigation menu, or by calling our office during business hours
at (661) 248-7387.

If you or your pet is bitten by a rattlesnake, go to the nearest emergency room immediately! Do not try to suck out the venom yourself or attempt to catch the snake, for you may be further endangering all involved. Time is of the essence in effectively treating a snakebite.

Should you find a snake on your property, do not attempt to catch it! Isolate the snake by keeping all your children and pets indoors, then call the Al Robbins Herpetological Society in Bakersfield at (661) 872-6468 – ask for Bud James. He will come to your home and safely catch the snake for a humane relocation in a less-populated area FREE OF CHARGE. Most snakes will be milked at a designated facility pre-release so that the opportunity may be used to contribute towards the production of antivenin and vaccine research.

Dialing 911, Kern County Sherriff’s Substation in Frazier Park, California Highway Patrol in Lebec, or County Animal Control will also resolve the problem, however most commonly the snake will be destroyed as they are not equipped to manage venomous wildlife. These departments have been given access to ALHS/Bud James for snake removal though, sadly, do not dependably utilize the contact resource.