Dr. Diane Cosko

Veterinarian, Lawyer, Hospital Owner and Manager

Born and raised in Southern California, I couldn’t ask for a better place to live than the Greater Frazier Mountain Area. Each day I look forward to coming into work. Veterinary medicine is my passion. I feel so very lucky to be doing what I do in such a beautiful environment.

Dr. Melissa Lucas

Associate Veterinarian

I fell in love with veterinary medicine in high school when I worked as a groomer for a small animal clinic. Every spare moment I helped out the veterinarian and worked my way up to veterinary assistant.

Sarah Halks

Director of Operations

Hi my name is Sarah. I’ve always had a special connection with animals, and found myself involved in the veterinary field from an early age. Like most in this field, I started out cleaning kennels, and worked my way up to senior veterinary assistant over the last 19 years.

Heidi Noyola

Veterinary Assistant, Director of Medical Records, Pet Insurance and OSHA

Heidi has been such a great lover of animals all her life, that working at a vet’s office was her “dream job.” She wanted to run her own rescue when she grew up.

Tracy Haramia

Hospital Husbandry and Kennel Care

I am the person working at Mountain Aire Veterinary Hospital that you may never see....which is why my nickname is 'The Figment'. I come in late in the day and work in to the wee hours of the morning.

DeAnn Zarkowski

Veterinary Assistant and Animal Trainer

Pursing her innate passion for nature and animals, De Ann earned her degree in Animal Training and Management in 1991.

Tami Kearney

Dental Hygienist Assistant

Hi, my name is Tami. I initially started as a client back in 1991 and was impressed with how friendly everyone was and how they cared for my pet. I eventually asked if I could volunteer, which turned into my applying, going to school and becoming a certified Vet Tech.